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The BVI comprises some 50 islands situated in the Caribbean approximately 100 miles east of Puerto Rico. It is a British Crown Colony with a democratic form of government comprising a British appointed governor and a Legislative Council elected by the population of some 12,000 people. The BVI enjoys high standard of living, low unemployment and very stable government.

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) is easily the world’s most popular offshore jurisdiction, having over 200,000 IBC’s on file (of which it is estimated that 100,000 are owned by way of Hong Kong). Reasonable incorporation and annual fees, clean reputation, fast incorporation and document retrieval times, and excellent political stability have assisted the BVI to maintain its place at the top of the offshore world. The US dollar is the currency of the Islands, there are no exchange controls, and there are no income, capital gains, inheritance, stock transfer, profits or trade taxes on IBC’s, and no restrictions on the flow of funds into or out of BVI.

Benefits of BVI IBC’s:

The formation and operation of International Business Companies, (hereinafter referred to as "IBC") in the British Virgin Islands, are matters that are basically governed by the International Business Companies Act (Cap. 291) of 1984.

BVI IBC's are companies incorporated in the British Virgin Islands under the International Business Corporations Act, 1984 but whose business is to be conducted outside the Territory. An IBC is completely free of all BVI taxes and pays only its initial registration fee and thereafter an annual license fee.

BVI has no capital gains taxes, inheritance taxes or death duties. Government revenues are derived from local income tax, import duties, stamp duties, license fees and company fees.

· No taxes on dividends, interest, royalties, capital gains, inheritance, gifts or any other income derived outside the BVI;

· No requirement to file annual return s or financial statements;

· No requirement to hold annual general meetings of shareholders or directors;

· Full exemption from taxation on any business activity or transaction carried on outside the BVI;

· Complete business privacy and confidentiality;

· Minimal capital requirements and minimal registration fee on capital;

· Nominative or Bearer shares at owner’s option;

· Companies are allowed to have sole director;

· The shareholders, directors and officers may be of any nationality and may be resident of any country;

· Neither the director nor the officers need be shareholders;

· Directors and/or officers can be either corporate entities or natural persons;

· There is no requirement to register initial, or ongoing, changes in director(s) and/or officer(s);

· A company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands has the same powers as a natural person;

· Use of apostille permitted;

The normal authorized share capital is US$50,000 with all of the shares having a par value, this being the maximum share capital for the minimum duty payable upon incorporation and annually thereafter. The share capital may be expressed in any currency. The minimum issued capital is one share of no par value or one share of par value.

Companies with an authorized capital up to US$50,000 pay US$300 per year.
Companies with a share capital more than US$50,001 pay the sum of US$1,000 per year.
Companies with a share capital that does not exceed US$50,000 and having some or all of its shares with no par value pay the sum of US$350 per year.

The minimum number of directors is one. They may be natural persons or bodies corporate. They may be of any nationality and need not reside in the British Virgin Islands.

A company secretary may be appointed. The company secretary may be a natural person or a body corporate. They can be of any nationality and need not reside in the British Virgin Islands.

The minimum number of shareholders is one.


Exempt Company Registration


Annual Maintenance Cost


Power of Attorney




Requirements to Register:

In order to register exempt company we need to provide the inland Registered Agent with name, address, and contact phone number of the original director of the company as well as the copy of his passport. This information will be retained by the Register Agent of the company for the due diligence purposes and for annual maintenance cost forwarding.

Please note that above information is not public and can be released only upon request of authorized authorities.


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