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Nevis is an island located in the Eastern Caribbean Sea. Nevis is a member of the sovereign Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis. It is a democratic independent member of the British Commonwealth with a population of 9000. It has an excellent international telecommunications network. The island is easily accessible via local connecting flights through Antigua. Official currency - Eastern Caribbean Dollar. English is the official and commercial language of the Island.

Nevis is a commonwealth, an independent democratic state associated in a common allegiance to the British crown. Political structure is based upon British Parliamentary system with an elected local Assembly. It was a British colony through 1983 when the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis was formed. Nevis is considered as politically stable country.

The legal system is based on English Common Law served by a High Court of Justice, a Court of Appeal and Her Majesty's Privy Council in London. Offshore legislation was introduced in 1984. A set of modern corporate statutes was entitled: the Nevis Business Corporation Ordinance of 1984 (thereafter--the Ordinance). The Ordinance is based on the legislation of the state of Delaware, US. It includes numerous features of the British corporate law and it is very flexible. The island offers the most comprehensive range of offshore products and services.

Benefits of the Nevis Corporation

· No taxes are imposed in Nevis upon income, dividends or distributions which are not earned on the island;

· Annual reports or financial returns are not required to be filed;

· Principle office and records may be located anywhere in the world;

· Directors, Officers and Shareholders need not be citizens or residents of Nevis;

· A corporation may act as Director and as Secretary;

· Bearer shares are permitted;
· Limited business activity may be carried out in Nevis while still maintaining tax exemption;

· Authority to re-domicile in or out of the country;

· A Managing Director may be appointed to guide the activities of the company;

· Directors and Shareholders may act by unanimous consent without a meeting;

· No disclosure of Owners, Officers, or Directors;

· No requirement for annual financial returns;

· Freedom to locate offices and records wherever desired;

· Ability to maintain certain control without ownership;

· No requirement that officers or directors be citizens of the country;

· Freedom to issue bearer shares;

· Strict privacy laws.

Corporate Structure

Registration in Nevis is simple and may be accomplished by using the services of a registered agent. An offshore company may be registered in a matter of hours and the registration fee is one of the least expensive in the world. Offshore companies registered in Nevis may be used for a variety of international activities including international trade and investment, property ownership and finance.

A company may be incorporated to conduct any lawful business and there the incorporation instrument is not required to contain a purposes clause. Companies registered in Nevis are required to maintain a registered office and a registered agent at all times. The office of the registered agent may act as the office of the company. An offshore company allows for minimum reporting requirements and for maximum privacy conditions. An offshore company may not trade or own real estate within the island. It is also prohibited to get engaged in banking, insurance, investment fund management, and other activities associated with those industries.


Company Registration


Annual Maintenance Cost




Power of Attorney


Information Requirements to Register

In order to register exempt company we need to provide the inland Registered Agent with name, address, and contact phone number of the original director of the company as well as the copy of his passport. This information will be retained by the Register Agent of the company for the due diligence purposes and for annual maintenance cost forwarding.

Please note that above information is not public and can be released only upon request of authorized authorities.

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